Master Franchise Roles & Responsibilities

Tea Franchise With 3800+ Stores Across India

We are excited about your interest in our Tea Time’s Best franchise opportunity. As Tea Time continues to expand around the globe, we are looking for passionate and motivated entrepreneurs to join our strong batch of franchisees. Similar to the art of tea-making, the success of any franchise is dependent upon the franchise development process. Fortunately, we have discovered the perfect methods for both and are known as one of the successful Small Scale Business.

Our Tea Stores franchise team is proud to offer a Best Business Opportunity unlike any other, where you can serve premium milkshakes, coolers, and freshly made Tea in a welcoming atmosphere. The connections our franchisees are able to make within their communities play a big role in both their success and their love for what they do. They aren’t looking to transfer or sell their businesses – they are looking to grow and expand with Tea Time Franchise.

A master franchisee’s ways of generating income are expanded over that of a normal franchise. In a normal franchise, product or service is directly offered to the end-consumer such as retail store, whereas a master franchisee can generate income through own stores with a significantly reduced royalty and franchise fee. The rewards and return on investment is three-fold. When a franchise is sold in their territory the master franchisee receives a percentage of the franchise fee. They also share in the monthly royalty revenue each franchisee pays to the franchisor. This is the most significant component of the reward. As the master franchisee builds out their territory adding more and more franchisees, this monthly revenue stream grows.

The third revenue stream will be from the unit they own, which in many cases will be their own multiple units.

Taking a Master Franchise in India can be extremely beneficial in terms of the return on Investment, brand recognition and the unmatched support provided by the parent company. This is one such industry which has been doing great since the past 3 years in India. Tea Time has explored its visibility in 20+ states. Tea Time Franchise has been extremely beneficial in India, for both, the Franchise Owner and Brand Owners. A Master Franchisee helps in expanding to different regions where the Brand Owner couldn’t have operated themselves. Master Franchisees also help in expanding at a much more rapid pace as compared to company owned and operated stores. If the Franchising business is of interest to you, Tea Time is one such brands which has successful number of master franchisees established around 8 states getting their return of investment within 12-14 months.

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Selling Unit Franchisees

Master franchisee is responsible to close the franchisees by explaining the brand ‘TEA TIME’ & it’s profits.
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Stock Management

Is responsible to set up a warehouse and two staff who can send the stock to all the unit outlets and can keep tracking on the sales
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Logistics Support

Transport and logistics to send the stock to the stores.

Tea Time Master Franchisee sucess Stories

Tea Time Group

Yes, we are entrepreneurs too..! Hence we know all about the desire to have your own business. At the same time, being in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to be in it by yourself…! And this describes our approach to franchisee support. It is your business in your community. We want to offer you all the resources that our most successful franchises use to create their winning formulae. Our job is to get you to the dance, so you can shake your groove thing…!