Women Empowerment – Tea Time – Franchise

She broke all shackles and was empowered with Tea Time.

Women’s empowerment is a burning issue in our society. Despite the Indian Constitution’s
declaration of equality, the majority of women still struggle to get their rightful share of freedom. Laxmi of Bangalore is one of the fearless women who have come forward and turned her dream into a reality.
Laxmi wanted to be independent and set up her own business. However, as a girl belonging to an orthodox family, she found it extremely challenging to go against her parents’ wishes. She tried to convince her family about her goal to become self-reliant, but the attempt went in vain. She struggled to collect the financial resource required to start her own business. At one point, Laxmi broke down and nearly thought of giving up. However, she mustered up her courage and focused on her zeal to run a business. Accumulating the monetary resource was a difficult hurdle, but she managed to invest in one business. She considered working with Tea Time and decided to run a franchise business in Bangalore. Laxmi was unafraid by the hurdles life threw at her. She was determined to prove herself as a successful businesswoman.
Lakshmi was looking to start her first venture but was unsure about the path she could follow. She sought assistance from Tea Time and wanted to invest in the Tea Time Unit franchise in Bangalore. At present, she has become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs with a stable income of 5 figures. She plans to open more Tea Time outlets throughout Bangalore. Now, she is helping many other women to fulfill their dreams. She has become an inspiration to other women fighting to break the shackles of conventions and age-old restrictions in the name of customs. As she broke the shackles of restrictions she changed the future of women in her family. Laxmi also inspired her friends to fight for their goals and not settle for anything less. Tea Time respects and salutes the indomitable spirit of Laxmi and is honoured to be at her side in her empowerment journey. She has carved out a name for herself in the tea cafe industry, Tea Time urges women to come forward and kickstart their goals and aspirations to become
Laxmi has become a happy and confident individual. Instead of asking for employment, she has become someone who employs other people. She is now a proud Tea Time franchisee. Tea Time Group recognizes the potential and capability of women as entrepreneurs as well as the lack of opportunity presented to them. Hence, one of the main goals of Tea Time is to provide a platform for women to thrive as female entrepreneurs. Anybody can open a tea franchise business. All you need to have is the desire and passion to run your business, we will help you with the rest. Running a business can be intimidating, but we know, nothing can thwart a woman’s fighting fire. You start the journey, we will be your comrade. Tea Time highly upholds women empowerment and strives to commit to the goal at all cost. The company understands that the road of braking the shackles is not easy and promises to assist you in every way. Just like Laxmi you can also be your own boss and lead a respectable life in your own terms

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