He took the Cup and Brewed His Success: Bharat’s Story

Sometimes that one act becomes the key to unlocking your dream and revamping your reality, your way. Bharat of Mahbubnagar understood this life’s philosophy pretty early as he decided to start his own business after completing BTech.

Bharat aspired to become a business entrepreneur and work for himself. However, the risk of starting a business venture alone was somewhat intimidating and the young graduate was aware of it. He realised that the scope of actualising his dream of running a business would be higher if he had the assistance of a like-minded individual (or organisation).

Bharat began looking for a reliable and reputed franchise business option and that was how he came across the Tea Time franchise business.

Moreover, the low investment costs made the tea franchise affordable and reasonable. Within Rs. 5 Lakhs Bharat was able to kick off his dream of managing his own business. Within 5-6 months Bharat started to experience profit that varied from 40 to 80% monthly.

Tea Time knew that the journey of setting up a business was like holding a rose carefully sheathing its prickly thorns. The company thus worked together with the young man to ensure the successful launch of the tea franchise business. He received insightful guidance and assistance from the franchise brand that enabled him to inaugurate the business with minimal complications and hurdles.

Bharat was an ambitious young individual who was clear about his goals and aspirations. He was aware that he required initial assistance and appropriate training to ensure a successful business venture. Tea Time franchise business assisted him in acquiring the knowledge necessary to run a business. The easy-to-grasp training enabled Bharat to master business management within weeks. The company provided essential kitchen equipment such as a gas stove, utensils, a grinder, and the first set of stocks needed to set the business rolling.

Currently, Bharat is a proud owner of the Tea Time franchise business in Mahbubnagar, Telangana. He inspires many young graduates to like to be self-reliant and be their own bosses. Tea Time ensures that its valued franchisee receives assistance with promotion and advertising as and when necessary. The company takes the responsibility to communicate with suppliers and provide the ingredients and necessary resources, making it easy for Bharat to focus on his tea franchise business.

Like Bharat, you can also start your own Tea Time franchise. Setting up a tea shop business is easy and does not require complexities. Tea Time believes starting and making a business profitable requires persistence and the desire to own your life. After all, experience comes gradually with persistent efforts.

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