Leaf Tea or Powdered Tea? Well, We Love Quali-Tea!

The tussle between leaf tea and powdered tea is always a topic of discussion. Let’s be honest; trying to weigh the difference between tea leaves and tea powder is like attempting to determine whether a hand-crushed or powdered masala packet is better.

Ideally, whole-leaf tea is better than tea powder and this belief strongly dominates the discussion. Whole tea leaves retain a higher amount of natural nutrients and thus are more beneficial as per experts. Yes, we at Tea Time agree with the undeniable truth.

Moreover, the whole tea leaf exudes a rich flavor and essence as it is poured into water and heated slowly. This strong flavor and taste of tea or chai color our memories with unique emotions, trivial or momentous. Tea is popular around the globe, but it is an emotion for us, the Indians. From debates and the germination of ideas to having a sudden ‘Eureka!’ moment, the beloved beverage remains our constant confidante. From having your Tea ‘Time’ to indulging in the alleyways of thoughts, chai has become an essential beverage since ancient times.

Alas! Time has become an enemy that restricts tea lovers to savor the sip of Nature’s Cup. In today’s first-paced lifestyle, people hardly get time to relax and unwind. For many, having the time to prepare a ‘good’ cup of tea with fresh tea leaves is like trying to take a day off during the month-end!

The Hidden Power of Tea Powder

Okay, tea powder is not the same as the leaves but hey it has its list of benefits! Did you know that tea powder possesses antioxidants and it assists in the weight loss journey? Tea powder contains more caffeine that helps lose and convert fat into energy. Pretty cool huh!

Quali-Tea Powder to the Rescue!

As ardent tea-lover, we understand the craving for a good cup of tea and the difficulty to get the perfect cup. So providing the best quali-Tea is our number one objective. We are dead serious about it!

Our tea powders are carefully extracted, with the utmost care from selectively handpicked fresh tea leaves from Assam tea gardens in Northern India. The seasoned farmers with years of experience ensure that only the best tea leaves are acquired. The process of harvesting and testing is dealt with constant attention and this helps them to collect the best tea granules. Tea is sensitive to handling, even tea leaves lose their essence if we overlook the appropriate storage norms. It really needs our love and care!

Direct connection between Tea Time and the farmers with zero middle meddling makes sure you get the fresh tea to your cup directly from the gardens. This makes our quali-tea powder special and different. We boast of our tea powder that matches the benefits contained in whole tea leaves.

      • It is Tea-licious!

    Our carefully extracted tea powder blends effortlessly with water, milk, spices, and any other ingredients you need to make your ‘Tea’ (Chai) special. You will get the perfect aroma with nature’s benefits in our tea powder, our seasoned tea tasters assure you.

        • Divided by essence united by quality

      Quality determines the number of benefits a cup of tea can offer. Many times, tea preferences change based on one’s experience. We vehemently believe it and therefore focus on maintaining the quality standard through and through. We produce the best tea powder variants each with distinct essence, but tea types have one thing in common and that is quality.

          • Anytime, anywhere

        Take your tea on the go or when you need a quick break outside the office walls. A good thing about quali-tea powder is that you can get your tea easily without waiting for a long time. Time is precious but a quick cup of piping hot tea gives you the kick needed for the hustle.


            • Health and refreshments together

          Tea powder possesses a quality of caffeine that is healthy and actually works to refresh and re-energize your brain.

              • Weight loss made easy

            Self-love is hard in the current lifestyle where maintaining a work-life balance becomes a task. Late-night deadlines leading to outside food habits, long sitting hours at work and the pressure to deal with customers affect the body. Even if people want to build good habits it is difficult. Tea Time’s tea made with the best tea powder helps you to take the first step (but surely not the last) towards a healthy lifestyle as it enhances fat burning and transforms fat into energy.

                • Skin Care

              You heard it right. Powdered tea has the potential to aid in improving skin health. Care from outside is alright but your fluid intake does influence your body. Skin shows, inside out. So, the next time you think of skincare, take our cup of green tea whenever you like and make it your beau-tea.

                  • Effortless

                Making tea with tea powder is as easy as drinking it. Unlike tea leaves, tea powder can get ready in a minute. This means you do not have to see your watch after every minute. You can enjoy your tea anytime, anywhere. Tea Time makes sure that you have the tea at your convenience without compromising the taste. So, the next time you think of having a delicious cup of tea just tell us (Tea Time)! Kullad chai or Green tea.

                    • Economical (it matters we know)

                  Apart from possessing aroma and health benefits powdered tea is economical, but it can be tricky for many to maintain all the aspects together. Tea Time excels in this situation. Here us out! Our goal is to provide the best quality within a reasonable range suitable for all. We also believe in transparency between the company and the tea suppliers, therefore we avoid the presence of third parties. It has helped us in avoiding repeated handling processes that affect tea quality and subsequently increase the cost.

                  Last but not the least, it all comes down to personal preference and convenience. Tea Time understands it and therefore focuses to provide only the best ‘Quali-Tea’. Our specialty is the premium and affordable tea powder that brews delicious teas keeping intact the maximum benefits. 

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