Best Food Franchise Under 5 Lakhs

Are you thinking about setting up your own business? Are you looking for the best food franchise business options under 5 lakhs? Then, your search ends here. Tea Time, India’s largest swiftly expanding tea chain brand provides you with the scope to run your own business franchise for under 5 lakhs. A major goal of the company is to collaborate and encourage your aspirations and wishes to be an entrepreneur. Tea Time has helped to build over 3000+ dreams and strives to turn more dreams into reality.

More Return, Less Investment

Yes, you heard that right. Tea Time assures you a 40-80% monthly return. You can easily start your food franchise for under 5 lakhs. A goal of Tea Time is to make the path of business affordable and feasible for all. The company commits to its vision to encourage common people to initiate business ventures and hence assures that the investment rate stays under 5 lakhs. Therefore, if you are looking for a reasonable business franchise in India then Tea Time is undoubtedly the best in the market.

Compared to other low-investment franchises, Tea Time offers a wide option of products. From tea to coffee, shakes, or coolers, the company has something for all. Varied options mean increased customer interest leading to more sales and profit. Moreover, 90% of Indians are avid tea drinkers which implies guaranteed revenue generation through tea.

Empowering People, Desi Way

Tea Time is the largest Indian brand that aims to strengthen and transform the concept of the tea shop business. Unlike KFC and Pizza Hut, Tea Time Group is completely desi, founded by Mr. Uday Srinivas Tangella. Furthermore, compared to foreign business franchise options, Tea Time franchise business cost is low. Hence, anybody can easily purchase the franchise business and enter the business market.
It attempts to disrupt the existing teashop business approach and organize it in a way that truly empowers the people without relying on foreign businesses. The intent and goal of Tea Time are to empower the common people of India financially, using our very own “chai” shops.
The company has tirelessly worked with families, fresh graduates, and women entrepreneurs and is on a mission to empower more Indians. We value your contribution, perception, and opinions. Hence, we strongly wish you to be our partners. Let us make the ‘humble’ tea shop into something big and grand. Let us empower India, the desi way.

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